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Northwest Territories Human Rights Commission

Northwest Territories Human Rights Commission

10th Birthday Party Includes Hip-Hop Concerts and a New Logo for the NWT Human Rights Commission

Chair Charles Dent meets with Minister David Ramsay

The NWT Human Rights Commission celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2014 and to mark this milestone undertook a number of projects which will have lasting effects on the organization. The Commission kicked off their celebrations in May with a luncheon in Yellowknife.

Charles Dent, Commission Chair, made a short presentation to a group of about 60 people about the history of the Commission and its achievements over the past decade and unveiled the Commission's new visual identity. The fresh look and friendly tone of the new brand reflect the Commission's commitment to encouraging healthy communities through the development of a positive human rights culture.

KASP performs for a packed house Behchoko

Celebrations took place throughout the territory. The Commission presented a strong and positive anti-bullying message through the music and stories of Aboriginal hip-hop artist Rob "KASP" Sawan. KASP (Keeping Alive Stories for the People) traveled to communities throughout the Territory, presenting anti-bullying workshops to youth in middle school and high school and performing in four communities. The Commission had great feedback, especially from Aboriginal communities, and plans to continue to build on the connections we made with youth this year.

One of the ways we are reaching out to our isolated communities is through our Facebook page where we post positive stories and news items related to human rights. Our page takes a universal approach to human rights, demonstrating the positive effects equality, kindness and tolerance can have in our lives. Whenever possible we post local stories and events related to human rights and in doing so encourage people visiting our page to participate in activities that exemplify our values. We are enjoying steady growth in our Facebook "community" with participants in many of our very isolated communities.

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The Commission has undertaken a comprehensive review of the implementation of our Act. A major goal of the review is to analyze the present state of the human rights work in order to identify and recommend process improvements and potential changes to the legislation. The Commission hopes that the review will provide the foundation for the work of the Commission in the coming decade.

The NWT Human Rights Commission enjoyed celebrating its "birthday" with the citizens of the Northwest Territory. It looks forward to highlighting human rights issues and engaging residents of all NWT communities in a dialogue about how we can together foster a climate of human rights in order to build healthy NWT communities.

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