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The Manitoba Human Rights Commission reveals a wide range of promotional and educational initiatives

Maestro Alexander
Maestro Alexander
Mickelthwate (right) with
Rap Musician Wab Kinew.

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission is pleased to be the first agency featured on CASHRA's new website. We hope to provide people with the opportunity to learn more about our work and educational initiatives.

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission has announced the launching of its new user-friendly website, featuring its Public Service Announcements, which recently have been airing on local television stations.

The Public Service Announcements were produced with the help and support of some very special friends. Included in the castings are Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Maestro Alexander Mickelthwate and Rap Musician Wab Kinew. Also taking part are former Blue Bomber Troy Westwood with Winnipeg Royal Ballet Dancer Jacelyn Lobay and Comedian Daddy Tazz with Arlene Ursel, who won a Manitoba human rights case regarding services and disability in 2009.

The MHRC Human Rights Banner Also public service announcements made by students at the Commission's three recent youth conferences are available on the website's "Youth Centre" section."

The Human Rights Youth Conferences are the centre of the Commission's youth initiatives and are now held three times a year in Winnipeg, Brandon and the North.

The afternoon activity session has already produced a gigantic human rights banner, which was unveiled at the Manitoba Legislature during the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights celebrations.

This year students wrote, produced, directed and acted in their own messages during the Rights Camera Action workshop. Almost 30 Manitoba schools now have their PSAs on the Commission's website.

Manitoba Human Rights Commission The new website also makes it easier for anyone wanting to understand their human rights in Manitoba or needing to know how to file a complaint, or how to respond to a complaint. There is also information available to employers, service providers and landlords so that they can better understand their rights and obligations.

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission is bilingual.  The French side of the site is in translation and will be available soon.,


Quick Links to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission website:
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New website helps students get involved in human rights

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission continues to forge ahead with is youth initiatives by launching the Manitoba Class Action student/teacher website found at

This site is designed to help students get involved with human rights and learn more about Manitoba's Human Rights Code. Every week a past human rights event, which is described bya student, is featured. The description of the event is followed by questions and explanations as to its human rights significance today and provides links to more information on the Commission's website and others.  The Manitoba Class Action site also has a human rights quiz.

Class Action - A student's guide to Human Rights

Students can learn more, work on a project for school or get involved in a way to improve the human rights of people in Manitoba, Canada and around the world. They also can watch and listen to what other students are talking about or use the social media to connect and learn from others.

Teachers are encouraged to use this site as a learning tool for classroom projects and discussions.

The Manitoba Class Action website is based on a book by Human Rights Consultant Stephen Hammond called Steps in the Rights Direction -365 Human Rights Events that Changed the World.

New guidelines approved

On another education front, The Manitoba Human Rights Commission has been updating its guidelines and writing new ones. This spring it will publish "Parents and Pregnant Women" a new guideline, which will provide information on protections from discrimination on the basis of pregnancy and marital and/or family status in employment, housing and services under The Human Rights Code (Manitoba).

Another new guideline, to be published at the same time, "Protections from Discrimination Based on Gender Identity; Your Rights, Your Obligations" identifies protections from discrimination on the basis of gender identity under The Human Rights Code (Manitoba) in employment, services and housing.

"Almost 12% of complaints filed with the Commission in 2009 alleged discrimination on the basis of pregnancy and/or marital status", says Dianna Scarth, Executive Director of the Manitoba Human Rights Commission. With respect to the guidelines on discrimination based on gender identity, Ms Scarth noted that some employers and landlords may not be aware that discriminating against persons, who are transsexual, for example, without reasonable cause, contravenes the Human Rights Code.

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