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The year 2013 saw changes in the Canadian Human Rights Commission's applications of new technology, including a new user-centric website, an online complaint assessment tool, the launch of Twitter and Facebook channels, as well as a brand new logo and tagline: "My Canada includes everyone."

These changes were sparked by a desire to be more inclusive in our interactions with the public, and to deliver information in more accessible formats.

Thanks to strong support from senior management, the Commission was among the first departments and agencies in the federal government to launch a website that conformed to new Treasury Board standards for usability and accessibility. The Commission's use of social media has also permitted us to engage in direct discussion of human rights issues with the Canadian public in novel ways.

Redesigned Website

The Commission's redesigned website is grounded in a "people first" philosophy. Working from analysis of data on user needs, the website delivers critical information to the Commission's audiences with the fewest possible clicks.

The web redesign reflects a greater emphasis across government on electronic delivery of information. With its complaint assessment tool, new e-learning projects and tools for employers, and the Human Rights Maturity Model, which provides employers the opportunity to self-evaluate workplace human rights performance online, the Commission is tailoring the delivery of its services to the needs of the public.

Online Complaint Assessment Tool

One of the new features of the Commission's redesigned website is the online complaint assessment tool - an interactive, self-service questionnaire that helps people determine if a discrimination complaint is valid and should be formally filed with the CHRC.

The tool clarifies the complaint process for the user and identifies exactly what is required in order to submit a complaint. Based on input given by the user, the tool can also recommend that users seek information from provincial commissions if the complaint falls within their jurisdiction.

Our experience to date with our online assessment tool has been very good, and has resulted in a reduction in the number of referrals made by our call centre. Our hope is that this tool can make the complaint process more navigable and intuitive.

Social Media

The Commission’s social media accounts are managed by the Communications and Outreach Branch, and help share information and facilitate conversations about human rights and employment equity in an informal manner.

Anyone with Internet access can view our Twitter @CdnHumanRights  and Facebook feeds and provide their own feedback.

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