Working Together

CASHRA brings member agencies together to improve and promote human rights in Canada. Our member agencies share a mandate of protecting human rights across Canada. Our work together on public education, addressing systemic discrimination, and promoting best practices benefits each member agency and advances human rights.

Public Education Projects

CASHRA provides opportunities for members to exchange information about human rights laws in Canada. We also undertake public education projects that advocate for human rights in Canada and abroad.

National Conference

CASHRA hosts regular national human rights conferences. The conferences bring human rights professionals from Commissions, government as well as from the private and non-profit sectors to participate in discussions and workshops that focus on human rights protection and promotion.

Upcoming Conferences

CASHRA 2019: Balancing Rights and Responsibilities

The 2019 conference takes you to Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island. Join us on June 26 – 27 for the opportunity to explore exciting emerging areas of law and policy, along with innovations in public education and rights promotion, all while taking the beauty of PEI. CASHRA’s is the conference to draw links between issues impacting different jurisdictions and to see these challenges in a new light. Click on the link below to visit the conference website, explore the program, and plan your visit to PEI.

A Shared Responsibility

CASHRA’s main purpose is to establish an effective communications link between Canadian federal, provincial and territorial agencies working  to combat discrimination. By making best practices on available across jurisdictions member organizations are better able to carry forward their task of protecting and promoting human rights and the essential human dignity of all persons in this country.


The Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA) was established in 1972 as a network of  federal, provincial and territorial human rights commissions. Commissions are “arm’s-length” statutory agencies charged with administering human rights legislation through public education, research, policy development, communications, and formal complaint processes.