[EVENT] When Communities Unite, They Will Tie Up Racism (March 20)

[EVENT] When Communities Unite, They Will Tie Up Racism (March 20)

In commemoration of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, this panel discussion borrows from the African proverb, when spider webs unite, they will tie up a lion. 

This theme speaks to the power of community mobilization in creating change, bringing about societal transformation, and fostering dignity for all. You can expect the discussion to create a space to learn about some of the works of racialized communities, who are actively fighting racism across Nova Scotia.

Panelists will underscore the efforts of community groups and individuals fighting racism on the frontline, while using their platforms to advocate for those unable to fight back by providing support and resources to fight racial injustices and creating spaces for meaningful actions to foster better race relations across our communities.

This event will also be live-streamed on Halifax Public Libraries’ Youtube page.

For details, see: https://halifax.bibliocommons.com/events/63ebeef69e00b42800d4694c